Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Digital Camera in My Holiday

August 2009,i was in Bali island.Bali island is wonderful place to visit.i think Bali has many culture and creative of wood,such as Tari Barong,Tari Kecak and many others.
i love all of the place that Bali island have,for example Sanur Beach,and Tanjung Watu Park,there are my lovely the way,i always bring my digital camera to take some photos with my friends.
My camera has 10 Megapixel,it's my lovely camera.Usually i always keep it clean and free of dust.i think to keep this camera it's difficult but after i learn some and visit a web that containing it i can solve my problem.i usually visit this link Amazon’s photography shop as a guide it's very helpful.
I was suggest my friend to solve the problem about the camera by visit this link Amazon’s photography shop as a guide.After he learn it,he phone me,and said that he can solve his problem about the camera.
so it was very helpful and interesting to have a digital camera and get some more information about camera by this link Amazon’s photography shop as a guide.i think it's very helpful for me and my friends too.

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